Leonie ter Braak had continuous jetlag at WNL

By the hours in the Morning, the Netherlands had Leonie ter Braak, every day the feeling that they have a jetlag. That tells the presenter this week in Viva.

Leonie ter Braak

“It is almost impossible to, in addition to good Morning the Netherlands a social life to maintain,” said Leonie, who in the beginning of this year to SBS left. “When I look at how long Edwin Evers as early risers, I think:” What course I am to argue with those five years?’, but it felt to me continuously as if I were from here to Bali was flown and then just went to lunch.”

It was her friend Floris, who in the end at the brake is stepped on. “He said one day:” Say: ‘I don’t know how long this will keep going, but I’m going there no more to join in. He saw that I was unhappy and I thought that it also enough.”

The switch to SBS has nevertheless they will just have to think. “A lot of people understand the choice, who thought that I was in the journalism would remain at the public broadcaster. But friends and family understand exactly why I am this way insla. At WNL, I was stuck in a format of interviews and news, while I also hold down a laugh, human interest, human contact, and create stories. Those opportunities I get now.”

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