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Kanal has solid start

The Brussels art centre Channel the Centre Pompidou can immediately good numbers present. On 5 may went to the start with a ‘voorproefjaar’ that runs until June 2019. In one month’s time, attracted 60,000 visitors to the former citroën garage. For the paid activities were 30.000 tickets listed. ‘A flying start as we had envisioned, ” says project manager Yves Goldstein.

Kanal is a showcase of the Brussels government. It should be in 2023 culminate in a new museum, in collaboration with the Paris Centre Pompidou. That is committed to the following ten years with exhibitions in the citroën garage.

‘In the run-up lived a strong perception that this was a political project, ” says Goldstein. “But we observe a great curiosity among the public. It has the huge area of the garage eagerly appropriated. That also proves the success of the opening weekend, when 21.716 people Kanal visited. The brute, informal spaces do not have the look of a classic museum and especially during the weekends, they pull a family and varied audience. There is a clear demand for this kind of architecture.’

From the first month he doesn’t want to too many conclusions. “There is a momentum that we must continue. We are still just at the beginning of a long road. Many choices must now be consolidated: the place, the model of collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, the partnership with the Brussels institutions. But the reality of the terrain we have already.’

Free activities

Half of the visitors slumped last month to Kanal for free activities: for a part of the exhibitions, the activities of the partners in Brussels, the soirées, or simply to explore and something to drink. Kanal experimenting with extended opening hours, in the weekends until midnight. That formula appears to store. “The mentality of the museum, the evenementkarakter: something is clearly changing,” says Goldstein.

The dynamics can be even better, he thinks. There will be more used to tourists. On Monday, under the motto Rendez-vous in Brussels, guided tours are offered. And after the summer vacation begins Kanal with matinees for the Brussels schoolpubliek. In the autumn of prestigious performances planned, in collaboration with Kaaitheater and Bozar.

The temporary infrastructure there are small corrections. Goldstein: ‘The public gets as a motto: lose yourself. But there is a need for more signage. Within, but also outside. Yet to many visitors to Kanal to step into the former showroom, while the entrance to the rue de l’aqueduc is situated.’

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