Justin Bieber speaks the voice of Cupid in

Justin Bieber is the voice of Cupid in for a animated film which is produced by his manager Scooter Brown.

Scooter Brown and David Maisel, former chairman of Marvel Studios, got together in march, the production company, Mythos Studios was founded. Manufacturing strict the Canadian superstar for the lead role of Cupid, the god of desire and affection in classical mythology. Bieber also acts as executive producer.

“Justin was immediately enthusiastic about this project and want to be part of it. Luckily for us, he knows, just as Cupid, something about love and mischief,” says Scooter Brown. Maisel adds that he and Braun both of them for years, have a passion for mythological stories and that they like Justin Bieber work to the magical story of Cupid to tell.

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