Jada Pinkett Smith took the terrible son at the age of 15 from the house

Jada Pinkett Smith hated it when son Jaden Smith at the age of 15 asked if he could. The actress called the afternoon that it happened “devastating”.

“You got to the point where you are right in my face and said: mommy, I got to go to my life,” says Pinkett Smith told her son, who she and husband Will Smith in her Facebookprogramma Red table talk.

“I remember that I thought, despite the fact that I devastated was: he’s right. This is the time. It is time for you to get out of the house to go.”

Her mother, Adrienne Banfield Norris, which can also be seen in the talk show, says that never to have permitted. “I already said when Jaden was younger at Will: we are lucky if we have him until his sixteenth home can keep, because he is so mature.”


“As a family we lived in a bubble. He wanted to be there, and that I understood.” Jaden and his sister Willow (17) tell the program how it felt to grow up in a rich family.

“I didn’t know how certain things work,” says the now 19-year-old Jaden. “My father’s orders when we eat out are everything from the menu and then he pays for everything. I asked myself: is that intended? And when I’m with my mother to eat out, go to order they do not do anything, but she pays for everybody. What should I do?”

“Friends asked me if I wanted to go to Disneyland,” says Willow. “And behind my back, they made that all I had to pay. That was painful.”


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