Ilse La Monaca as the ‘Evil Witch’ in Hansel and Gretel

From October 2018, you may in Stadsschouwburg Antwerp, Ethias Theater Hasselt and Capitole Gent are going to enjoy a brand new, sparkling arrangement of the beloved classic ‘Hansel and Gretel’. Protagonists Wout Verstappen and Ianthe Tavernier get as Hansel and Gretel in this family show not only the company of the hilarious West-Flemish bunnies Whoppie and Floppie, that the hearts already managed to steal in ‘little red riding hood, the sprookjesmusical’, but will of course also have to deal with the ‘Evil Witch’, and will be on their adventurous path is also a real ‘Prince’ meet.

For these roles may Ianthe and Wout by the way some old acquaintances to greet. It is going to Ianthe’s Buurtpolitie colleague Ilse La Monaca (38, Heusden-Zolder, belgium) as a ‘Wicked Witch’ her first role in a sprookjesmusical and should Wout his former Ghost Rockers-colleague Matthew Michel (29, Schepdaal) welcome. Matthew will play the role of ‘Prince’, a new character created for this modern version of ‘Hansel and Gretel’, interpret. That Ilse La Monaca ever gave lessons to Wout Verstappen and Ianthe Tavernier used in the class sat with Matthew Michel, makes for some nice pigment to the collaboration between this fine foursome.

“I look greatly forward to in the skin and the peperkoekenhuisje of the ‘Evil Witch’ to creep in,” says Ilse La Monaca. “It is my first role in a sprookjesmusical and of course there is the extra fun given that the protagonists in this ‘Hansel and Gretel’ virtually no unknowns for me. Ianthe Tavernier is an extremely talented, but mostly very fine co-worker in ‘The Buurtpolitie’ and with Wout Verstappen, to whom I ever have singing lessons, gave, by the way, I was this season still on the shelves in the wonderful production of ‘Mozart! – the Musical’. For both of us, this meant our big musicaldebuut in Flanders and I am very happy for Wout that he now has his first starring role to suit. With the sympathetic Matthew Michel in the cast, I find myself so in between quite a talented young violence. Very nice and hopefully I can give them some of my experience, as an ‘old warhorse’ give, decision Ilse with the smile.

“Also for me it is in ‘Hansel and Gretel’ a happy reunion with old acquaintances,” said Matthew Michel. “Not only the cast, but also with the Music Hall, because in 2016 I played the male lead (Danny) in their adaptation of ‘Grease’. A fantastic experience, where I have a lot of fun, looking back. But now ” Hansel and Gretel, the sprookjesmusical’ and that seems to me to be once again a fun challenge and a unique adventure, with, moreover, a very fine cast! Wout and I have not only a common Ghost Rockers-past, we are also good friends and I’m sure he’s a wonderful ‘Hans’ will drop. Ianthe is an ex-klasgenote of me, we’re putting together at the time of our first steps in the musicalwereld in the seventh year preparatory course ‘Musical’ at the academy of art in Antwerp and after that, we were at school together at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg. My role in ‘Hansel and Gretel’,the Prince, is a character that is not in the original fairy tale, so I let myself in regards to that, completely by surprise by what was in the script. Exciting of course, but I can’t wait to discover what they have in store for me!”, so concludes an enthusiastic Matthew.

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