Good news for the fans of Family

After the exciting Hunt on Emma and Guido last year takes Family this year with an online webreeks. The tension is this time exchanged for a dose of pure feelgood. From Friday 29 June 2018, right after the season finale of Family, invites Zjef (Jan Van den Bosch) anyone to roadtrip to follow in The Tour de Zjef. A trip in which love, romance and warm family ties are central.
“It’s paybacktime.” With no uncertain words of a criminal, and Ronald went to the webseries around Emma (Bab Buelens) and Guido (Vincent Banic) last year. The episodes were during the summer months, pressure is viewed and delivered a whopping 5.5 million views. Hunting on Guido and Emma was the third successful webreeks during the summer in a row, after The Case, Bart and Niko On The Flight.

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