Frank Masmeijer is considering the criminal case on appeal to attend

Former tv presenter Frank Masmeijer wants to appeal itself to demonstrate that he is in Belgium last year were sentenced for drug trafficking.

The old-showmaster considering therefore the criminal case with the court of appeal in Antwerp to attend, even though there is a risk that he will be directly held. His lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops has said on Tuesday about the case Thursday begins.

Masmeijer got last year to eight years imprisonment and a fine of 48,000 euros imposed for the import of a large batch of cocaine through the port in Antwerp. Against him was seven years of imprisonment demanded.

The court in Antwerp ruled that he had to return to the prison but so far, the former tv celebrity is still on free feet. Knoops says that Masmeijer in the Netherlands and that there is not extradition is requested. The chance exists that he was in Belgium will be held al the court may also determine that the accused is the statement in freedom must wait.

Heavy time

Knoops says that Masmeijer himself would like to defend, but stressed that that decision is not yet final. The case against a total of 32 suspects begins Thursday. When the case against Masmeijer discussed, is not clear.

The presenter of kijkcijferhits as Raw and The Holidayshow has his role in the drug trafficking always firmly denied. On appeal continues to the statement that there is no evidence for his involvement, says Knoops, who as a consultant involved in the case.

Yet, if there is a conviction come out of this is hoping the defense that the court is sensitive to the results of a psychiatric report, with the conclusion that Masmeijer in custody a tough time to be polite and that the personal consequences have been.

A ruling of the court of appeal there will be no earlier than mid-september.


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