Eric Cantona reads poem at a benefit concert

The Libertines and Patti Smith Monday night occurred during the Hoping for Palestine festival in London. Also an actor, writer and ex-footballer Eric Cantona climbed up on the stage of The Roundhouse.

The Frenchman, who, in the mid-nineties the figurehead of Manchester United, read a poem. After he retired from football, collapsed Cantona on a career as an actor. He played a few small rollers, one of which in the film Looking for Eric. There he played himself. Cantona also made a number of documentaries and also played a role in a play.

The mainstay of the festival consisted of performances of Patti Smith and The Libertines, the band of Pete Doherty.

The festival was held to raise money for Palestinian children living in refugee settlements in Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Jordan and the West Bank.

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