’Coalition against IS lying about Raqqa’

LONDON – The U.S.-led international coalition against the terreurbeweging Islamic State (IS) has without a lot about the residents concern the town of Raqqa for large parts flattened. Human rights organization Amnesty International comes to this conclusion after research on 42 place in the ruins of the Syrian city, and after conversations with survivors.

The publication comes Tuesday, just before the first anniversary of the final offensive against IS that the coalition on 6 June began last year. Raqqa was the headquarters of IS in Syria and was considered as the ’capital of the caliphate’ that the extremist sunnis of IS had declared.

Their capital was finally made in October last year. The enormous destruction as a result of air strikes and the high number of victims among the citizens contradicts according to Amnesty international, the contention of the coalition that mainly ’precisiebombardementen’ are carried out.

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