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Bruno Wyndaele returns on One

The summer of 2018 reads on, One the return of none other than Bruno Wyndaele (52). In August, he presents three weeks in The Summer of…, a talk show from three locations in Flanders, each with one main guest.

Intimacy and friendliness are the codes for the new program that Bruno Wyndaele from 13 August, will be present. “I’ve already had the smallest show in the world,” says Wyndaele, almost to the day two years ago, the last One was the last episode of the fifth season of Best Friends.

Wyndaele invites in his talk show with one guest, that person should bring. “Someone where he or she has a bond with them, that, according to that guest deserves to have a time on television. There, I talk, as if we were on one of the terraces on an evening that just as the eternal life seems to take. We take our time, reflect about life. I do it in the summer. I am quiet, ask me the question whether I was good, I’m busy. I make plans. In september again to do as always.’

Three weeks, three locations. Places in Flanders that appeal to the imagination. “We will take the risk to take it outside to do. On a place of which you at home are thinking: that I would want to sit.’

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