Attack Manchester resulted in Ariana PTSD on

The attack after her concert in Manchester, has Ariana Grande a post-traumatic-stressstoornis (PTSD) were completed. That shows the singer in an interview with the British edition of Vogue.

Ariana Grande

“I hate to admit but probably true that,” said Ariana, as she asked if her dizziness and fears no signs of PTSD. “That’s what everyone says to me. It is difficult to talk about because so many people in such a large, have suffered a tremendous loss. But yes, it’s true. I know all those families and my fans and everyone suffers from this.”

“I have a feeling that I don’t even would need to talk about my own experiences, that I would have to mention” Ariana continued. “But I would also not know how I about would need to talk without crying.” In the attack in Manchester in may last year were 22 people and touched hundreds of people injured.

The 24-year-old Ariana says, incidentally, always fears to have had. “I’ve never talked about it because I thought that anyone that had, but when I came home from my tour, I have never had so much anxiety had,” she says. That was the moment that the studio indook. “Everyone thought I was going mad but I’m a workaholic.”

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