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Amazon Web Service developed Blockchain solution

Amazon Web Service (AWS), the Cloud-Computing provider of the Online retailer Amazon, is now offering a Blockchain-As-A-Service (BAAS). For that, AWS is working with the Blockchain developers of ConsenSys. Blockchain solutions are thus becoming more and more popular in the service sector.

The Blockchain technology and its application possibilities winning at a technology company, more and more attention. As one of the last big companies Amazon jumps on the train, in which the competitors of Microsoft, IBM and SAP sit. Already in December of last year, we had ventured a cautious approach, by integrated the R3 platform Corda with the network of Amazon Web Services.

Now it goes on Amazon a step further and offers the customer, from AWS to a private Blockchain-As-A-Service Service. The Blockchain solution was developed in cooperation with ConsenSys, which made the infrastructure ready for it.

The Kaleido-platform ConsenSys?

The goal of the Blockchain-business ConsenSys is to develop Software services, decentralized applications, available globally. The developers make use of the possibilities of Ethereum-a Blockchain. For AWS, the All-in-One-Blockchain-platform, Kaleido. Kaleido aims to accelerate the commercial use of the Blockchain and simplify.

Kaleido is a private network, which provides all the benefits of the underlying Blockchain technology, and at the same time the required safety and performance. It is placed directly on top of the Ethereum-Mainnet. So the Blockchain for customers is easily accessible. In addition, it is generally easier to connect to the Blockchain-solutions with AWS services.

We are now experiencing even more Blockchain-adaptations?

The model of Amazon Web services not only serves the Use-Case, customer-oriented, faster and easier services. Amazon want to rise also to a Promoter of the Blockchain technology and with a good example. So you want to that the customers benefit from the provided services, as a side effect you want to sharpen, however, in addition, also the consciousness of the people for the Benefit of the technology. It is so exciting to see whether and how these efforts will bear fruit.

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