Actress Hanna Verboom fall in love again

Hanna Verboom has a new friend. “It is still very early.”

“Ralf and I know each other since January,” says the 35-year-old actress to The Telegraph. “It’s still early so. But it is very fun.”

She took her new friend to a National Opera & Ballet.-gala. “Hanna and I both have a passion for Africa. I am there a lot at work, and Hanna has, of course, her background”, says Ralf Roex about his new girlfriend.

Verboom, who grew up in Kenya, Uganda and Sudan, has its foundation Get It Done that small-scale development projects in Africa and the Netherlands supports. Also Roex working in the development cooperation. “It’s fantastic to be able to share,” says Verboom.

Verboom broke in 2013 her relationship with director Gugi van der Velden.

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