Young flame Heidi Klum can have her children meet

Heidi Klum has recently opened its 45th birthday and took this opportunity to use her new flame of 28 years to her children.

Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum

For the big party began, held the former top model and host an intimate dinner in an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, where only the family was present. That is to say: Heidi with her friend Tom Kaulitz, guitarist of the band Tokio Hotel, his twin brother Bill, lead singer of the band, and her children Leni (13), Henry (12), Johan (11) and Lou (8).

It is a new signal that it is serious seems to be between Heidi and her sixteen-year-younger lover. Previously it turned out that when he with her parents Erna and Günther knowledge could make at the finals of Germany’s Next Top Model.

Now also the first encounter with her children behind the back is with the family dinner in the Italian restaurant, the evening could happily continue without the kids. A real pub crawl based, with colleagues Michael Michalsky and Thomas Hayo joined them. A cheerful group photo on Instagram is proof of a successful evening. But Tom Kaulitz has the acquaintance with her children to endure, witness the photo of him and Heidi and her caption, the day after that fixed yet exciting encounter. “You make me sooooo happy!”.

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