Woman (47) shoots her husband to death because he is the cat ’abused’

DALLAS – A 47-year-old woman from the Us city of Dallas has been arrested because her husband has been shot during a quarrel. According to the woman she did this because the man her cat to the abuse.

Mary Harrison

On Saturday the woman was arrested. Anything before 07: 00 were agents, indicating that gunshots were heard. On the spot, they found Mary Harrison together with her shot husband Dexter.

Her own words were the stop at Mary tripped when she saw how her husband, the cat abuse was. Dexter was taken to the hospital, but died later of his injuries.

Still being sought cat

The couple was just with their two sons moved to a new neighborhood. According to neighbors, was the family recently still looking for their cat. In the neighborhood were flyers hung around the animal back to find what worked.

Mary Harrison remains in the cell. She is accused of murder.

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