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Volleyball: national champions Maaseik strictly Seppe Baetens

Noliko Maaseik has a selection strengthened with Seppe Baetens. This confirms the volleykampioen on the clubwebsite.

The 29-year-old reception-hoekspeler, son of the late Jo Baetens, played in Belgium for Antwerp and Asse-Lennik, which later Aalst. He won two times the Belgian cup, the supercup and was twice second in the referendum Player of the Year.

In 2016 drew the Red Dragon to the French middenmoter Nantes-Rezé Métropole Volley, which he for the first time in club history the French cup final of his career. That season ended, however, in a minor key with a major injury and a knee surgery.

During his rehabilitation took Baetens housed at Axis Shanks Guibertins, but this last season ended with injuries and a new surgery on the same knee. Baetens, revalidation is now under the care of the medical and fysical staff from the city of Maaseik. “It is evident that a re good Seppe Baetens in the upcoming season may play an important role in NOLIKO Maaseik”, says the.

Maaseik enthroned in april Roeselare as a champion and captured as a fifteenth title.

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