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Vitalik Buterin: million transactions per second, thanks to Sharding and Plasma possible

In the Wake of a YouTube discussion with OmiseGo the inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin has spoken about the future of the transaction amount on its Blockchain. However, he said the possibilities of Sharding and Plasma.

The long-term goal for public Blockchain networks, according to Vitalik Buterin to scale to billions of transactions per second. This would require additional technologies and would not be wanted by the users. By contrast, he estimates that millions of transactions with technical improvements as feasible.


The discussion with OmiseGo, in its Advisory Board, including Vitalik Buterin is working, it should be all about how Plasma and Sharding can be combined to achieve a higher transaction capacity.

By the end of April Buterin announced a new technology that could solve the scaling problem Ethereums: Sharding. This is the Splitting of Mainnets in different Shards (splinters). The same time, then they run on different servers, and simplify the Scale of the network. Currently, the Ethereum-a Blockchain can support 15 transactions per second. Due to Software improvements, you could increase this number to 100. Sharding is intended to increase the number of supported transactions on the Ethereum block Chain again several times. Buterin explains the first Version of this technology, which he calls “square Sharding”, follow these steps:

“If any Computer can make per second n things, we have n Shards, then each Shard n transactions. Generally, a Computer will have to process all of the Shards, what work units are, a Shard is a unit of work, so you can create a network of these computers. But the network itself has a total of n capacity in the square. If you plug in the constants, you can go to about 100 Shards, wherein each of the Shards has this capacity, so that you may get 10,000 transactions per second.“

Then you could go to “super square Sharding”, the layers of this structure about themselves. So you get a scalability that could go in the millions. The number of users, as well as certain safety features of scalability, however, a natural upper limit, Buterin.

… + Plasma = million transactions per second

The Second Layer solution Plasma can handle a large number of transactions on-chain, by merging as many transactions into a single transaction. Together with the described Sharding Plasma to ensure that the Ethereum-a Blockchain transactions realized in the millions can be processed. The rich, however, says Buterin:

“So, I think that an approximate number in the range of a few million is kind of the point of intersection of what is to be reached with technical improvements and also kind of the upper limit of what the people want.”

What time is it, however so far could be that a first Sharding takes place, is not mentioned Buterin. Hybrid Casper is, however, already in the final stages of the Tests and the Metropolis-Upgrade could be completed in about three months. If everything will proceed according to plan, you could expect so in the next year with this huge number of transactions per second.

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