Virunga volcanoes in the Congo remains closed: “It is not safe’

The virunga volcanoes, the oldest national park of Africa, close even certainly until the end of this year the doors because of the growing insecurity in the east of Congo. That writes the parkdirecteur, the Belgian Emmanuel de Merode, in a letter that the round is doing on the social media.

On may 11, was a park ranger, and a month earlier were five park guards and a driver were killed. On 11 may were also three people, including two British tourists, are kidnapped, and two days later released.

On 15 may, the parkdirectie, as a result of lethal violence, the tourist activities for twenty days to stop. In the letter writes the Merode now that the park is sure to end this year, remains closed to the public.

“It is abundantly clear that the Virunga region has been particularly insecure, and that this is still some time will continue’ says de Merode. Four years ago the parkdirecteur themselves ambushed and taken under fire. He hit taking seriously wounded.

‘Virunga is a secure way to be able to visit, much stronger measures are needed than in the past’, writes the parkdirecteur. “That will be a very large investment, and makes it for us impossible to see the park again this year to open.’

The Belgian writes convinced that this is the only responsible decision that he, under the present circumstances, could take.

In the meantime, research continues into the incident of 11 may further. There are also additional security measures in place.

Thursday we reported to the park that more than a thousand mountain gorillas, more than a third of the world’s population, in Virunga stay. Virunga is a Unesco world Heritage site. The park, nearly 8,000 km2 in size, was in 1925 founded.

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