Trump: I can be granted amnesty

WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump says the “absolute right” to have self-amnesty provision. The president wrote on Twitter that “lots of lawyers” that have made clear.

Donald Trump

Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani said the president “probably” has the right himself to be a punishment to lose to scold. He added that such a thing from a political point of view, unthinkable. Trump said on Twitter that he does not expect the presidential powers on himself to use. “Why would I do that if I have anything wrong have done?”, he wondered.

The president commented Monday on his first hundred days in the White House. “We have achieved a lot. According to many, even more than any other president in his first hundred days,” concluded Trump, that his feats listed. He called, among more tax cuts, reducing bureaucracy, better protected borders, and “the best economy and employment ever”.

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