Teenager bleeds to death after shark his penis off has bitten

RECIFE – A teenager who was attacked when he in the sea swam in Brazil, is to his own injuries and survive. Sunday afternoon bite a shark in the penis and upper thigh off.

Jose Ernestor da Silva just after the haaienaanval.

The 18-year-old Jose Ernesto da Silva swam in the water at the Piedade beach in Recife in the northeast of Brazil. Just at the time that lifeguards saw that he ashore had come, he was attacked.

In the hospital died Jose. Along the way he got two heart attacks.

Amputation and surgery

The left leg of the young man was still amputated and his veins were still attached to his genitals during an operation of three hours, but without success. He already had too much blood lost. The victim died several hours later.

His mother had said that he was not allowed to go casts. In april lost a 34-year-old tourist’s leg when he was attacked on the same beach.

“I was crazy’

“When I heard I was crazy,” said mother Elisangela dos Anjos (42) to local media, “The neighbours heard me scream. He was secretly gone.”

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