Teacher: sexually abused 9-year-olds

LONDON – The British press tackles the big tree with a study in which female staff sounding the alarm reads about sexual harassment in the workplace; by students, nota bene. There is seized to the breasts, and tossed with genitals.

Assistant teachers, receptionists and support staff to monitor how they are intimidated by young boys.

The study of trade union GMB focuses on support staff, receptionists, assistant teachers and ’dinner ladies’. One in ten respondents has sexually inappropriate behavior experienced. “The women are stressed out, be intimidated, and have mental scars incurred,” says Karen Leonard of the union.

According to the report, British students masturbated in the classroom. Also his female employees on the buttocks, beaten and ’babe’ or ’beautiful’, while another from the school flips about touching breasts.

“It happens three or four times per year. Boys who go to a chill-outkamer be sent are going to strip and their genitals show,” says a female schoolmedewerkster against the Sunday People. “There were guys who asked me to perform sexual acts.”


Terms such as ’harassment’ are no exaggeration, she says. “Ever asked a boy: what are you doing this weekend? I told him that my father’s birthday was. Then he asked if I was still a sexual gift had in store.”

Schools fail to create a safety net, the anonymous employee. Aftercare, there is hardly any, and the phenomenon of strippende children is seen as ’part of the job’.

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