Speedskater Kjeld Nuis accidentally almost married

Kjeld Nuis and his partner, Jill de Robles were almost once accidentally in the really connected. The 28-year-old olympic champion saw the error only when signing a document.

“The notary, with whom we are registered partnership should capture, had apparently misunderstood. When we came to draw, he asked all these weird questions. If we will have a nice trip planned, how we would celebrate. At the time that our signature would turn, I saw something about a marriage contract,” says the award-winning skater, in an interview in Linda.

Now, during the winter Olympics of Pyeongchang twice won gold, found the confusion afterwards is very funny, and according to the athlete he is indeed the feeling that he and his partner were married. The registered partnership is for Now a way to Robles and their baby Jax of a secure future.

“Jill is studying still and feeds Jax largely on. I care for the money, so I don’t want that ever she gets into trouble, if me something happened. Thanks to her I can make me so focused on my sport and father.”


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