Shock in Italy: man takes coolly ‘selfie’ in serious accident

ROME – In Italy is shocked responded to a man who has a selfie took over after a spoorongeval. He photographed himself on a few meters away from a seriously wounded Canadian woman, message to the BBC.

A nieuwsfotograaf explained how a young man at the end of last month from the platform of the train station of Piacenza took a picture. Next to him on the rail was a woman, surrounded by health care workers. She eventually lost her leg. The victim was possibly on the track of the cases and hit by a treindeur on the wrong side of a wagon opened.

The photographer who took the photo of the dramatic scene, later wrote about ,,barbarism, that you do not expect: the ‘selfie’ in a tragedy”. Other commentators expressed themselves baffled. A twitterer concluded simply that ,,nothing make me more surprised”.

The police forced the man who took the selfie took the photo in question to remove. That’s probably at. The amateur photographer would not be punishable have been doing.

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