Self-confessed pedophile and Hitler-supporter wants to congressman in the US can be

Virginia – Nathan Larson from the American state of Virginia is a candidate-congressman and wants pedophilia legalized. Sex with children should be able to, suggests Larson, as long as they are married.

Nathan Larson

Larson is a self-confessed pedophile and white surpremacist. White supremacy is a racist ideology which states that white people are exalted above people with a different skin color.

Planned assassination of president

The 37-year-old Nathan Larson was sixteen months in prison because he was a murder of an American president to the plotting was. Now he tries from his parental home, a place in the congress to obtain.

Larson, who is herself a daughter of three years old, was never convicted as a pedophile, but on the website for his campaign is that he has sex with children wants to legalize and that women are inferior.

The Huffington Post asked Nathan Larson or he a pedophile or is there only writes about. It was his answer: “It is a mix of both.”

Hitler as a hero

In addition to his penchant for pedophilia is Larson, also a supporter of the ideas of Adolf Hitler. He describes the dictator as ” white supremacist-hero’.

“I, Nathan Larson, announce hereby my candidacy as a quasi reactionary libertarian in Virginia’s 10th election of the congress-district”, writes the American on one of his websites. A ’quasi reactionary libertarian’ can be described as a broad-minded follower of the Dark Enlightenment.

Agenda items

Items on the agenda of Larson are the protection of the rights of gun owners, more place for white supremacy, patriarchy, exemption of age-related boundaries and the right to discriminate.

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