SEE: Extremely high risk at the new stunt Tom Cruise

The broken ankle that actor and stuntman Tom Cruise previously suffered during the shooting, has him hold a risky stunt to do: a parachute jump from a height which in the Netherlands only special commands to be trained.

Tom Cruise

Because of the extreme height of 25,000 feet oxygen masks necessary for consciousness to remain. In addition, he made a so-called HALO jump: the jump is of 25,000 feet, while the parachute only as low as possible is pulled out.

Tom Cruise is doing this stunt for his latest Mission Impossible – Fallout. It is the experienced actor managed to make the jump without that something went wrong. Previously, he was less happy, when he for the same film, only broke when jumping from one building to the other. The shots for this sixth film in the series were when a time came to a standstill.

The film comes in the Netherlands on 2 August.

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