Screen Flanders is investing nearly two million in ten new productions

The Screen Flanders Economic Fund invests 1.985.000 euro in 10 new audiovisual productions. Alongside a BBC series and other international productions featured on the list also of Flemish work, as the new feature film by Jan Verheyen and the second Sinterklaasfilm of Stijn Coninx. That has Flemish Economy minister Philippe Muyters (N-VA) today announced.

The BBC series ‘Baptiste’, a spin-off of the dramareeksen ‘The Missing I and II’ with Tcheky Karyo in the title role, knew the Screen Flanders-jury to persuade, just as the feature film ‘Spider in the Web’ of the Israeli director Eran Riklis, a thriller among others, with the British actor Ben Kingsley.

Also the Irish-Belgian-Luxembourg co-production ‘The Domestique’, which is a personal look behind the scenes of the infamous ‘Tour Du Dopage’ of 1998 and the musical drama ’10 Songs for Charity’ in the direction of the Dutch Karin Junger get the support of the fund. Screen Flanders has also support to two projects, ‘Immenhof’, and the animated series ‘The Ogglies’ directed by the German director Toby Genkel.

The list of supported productions also has four Flemish productions. So invest the fund in the second Sinterklaasfilm of Stijn Coninx ‘santa Claus and the wekkergek’ and the new movie of Jan Verheyen ‘Colleagues’2.0.’. Also, ‘Patrick’, the feature debut of Tim Mielants is supported, just as the Flemish action movie ‘U-235’ directed by Sven Huybrechts and produced by Patser-producers (a team productions.

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