Reschedule Weinsteinfilm; this time with horror

The whole scandal around the film producer Weinstein reveals the ultimate story for a good movie, if we have to rely on the many plans in Hollywood to make a film around the cases filmbaas. The most recent plan: a horror movie.

Brian De Palma

The idea comes from Brian de Palma, in Hollywood, an icon in the horror genre, since he and Carrie made in 1976. More than forty years later, he wants to re-write history within this species. Therefore, he chooses the man who, more than eighty victims horror concerned with rape, harassment and the posting actresses on a black list.

The 77-year-old director zeegt about this in the French daily Le Parisien: “I write a movie about this scandal. My character will not Harvey Weinstein called, but it will be a horror film be with a sexual aggressor, and it will play out in the film industry.” The director has already been in contact with a French producer, but do not know when his script is complete.

Previously announced Ryan Murphy, Brad Pitt, and Weinstein is a film about the Hollywoodschandaal of this century; more specifically about respectively #MeToo, the reporting on the basis of the stories of the victims and how could it be otherwise – Weinsteins ’side of the story’.

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