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Mt. Gox bankruptcy Trustee sold 400 million USD in Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash

As of today, through an official communication of the Japanese attorney and the bankruptcy Trustee for the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has been known since September of 2017 through the sale of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash from the insolvency mass of Mt. Gox over $ 400 million has been taken.

Mt. Gox, the world’s largest stock exchange for Bitcoins. In February 2014, the biggest Hack was done in the crypto currency history. About 850,000 Bitcoin were stolen from the exchange, and Mt. Gox ceased its operation a short time later. The aggrieved investors and business partners look since then in the tube. From the 850.000 Bitcoin only 200,000 showed up again. The rest of the Bitcoin, however, could not be found.

The value of the stolen Bitcoins is the current Bitcoin exchange rate (around 10,600 USD) to over 2.1 billion US dollars. This twenty-fold of the value in comparison to the time of the bankruptcy.

The same number of Coins, the Hard Forks of Bitcoin with Cash and Bitcoin, Gold is also among others. In sum, thus, all the investors could be compensated in the full amount at that price. The Injured party has been awarded in the framework of a judgment on a claim for damages in the amount of the Bitcoin rate at the time of the insolvency of the exchange.

Understandably, not many plaintiffs with this sum satisfied. Finally, you could have now also the twenty times the value. A rapid payout and is therefore still not possible.

Mt. Gox Trustee sold first Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash

Today was now known as, among other things, also Bloomberg reports that the bankruptcy Trustee of Mt. Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi, has sold the first units of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash.

In the official statement, he has announced that he has taken since the end of September, more than 400 million USD through the sale of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. The document argues that he has since the last creditors ‘ meeting on may 27. September 2017 about 35,000 BTC and 34,000 BCH sold. The average sales price for a Bitcoin was around 10.100 dollars.

Kobayashi stated in the opinion, to sell that the decision of the currencies in the Crypto-by the competent court was approved. He had been trying to achieve for the sale of BTC and BCH as high as possible. Kobayashi is trying to sell all the BTC and BCC to pay the more than 25,000 accepted claims of creditors.

The majority of the Mt. Gox Bitcoin (around 165,000 BTC), Bitcoin to Cash, Bitcoin, Gold, etc. but are still in the possession of the bankruptcy Trustee Kobayashi. When talking about the topic “Bitcoin whales”, one should not forget this. With Kobayashi at least not a “deliberate” market manipulation are to be expected.

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