Meghan Trainor wants to wedding intimate love

Meghan Trainor does not want a big wedding. The singer, who at the end of last year was proposed to by her boyfriend, Daryl Sabara, if it is rather small and relaxed.

“I think I’m just in my backyard’m going to do. I have a large garden and my manager can people get married,” says Trainor at Entertainment Tonight. “And perhaps we’ll do a barbecue. I don’t know yet,” says the singer.

Actor Sabara, among others, in Spy Kids played, has the life of the 24-year-old Trainor has changed substantially. So she stopped drinking, she fell nine kilos and eat and live they are much healthier. “He cooks for me and has me learning to cook. I never knew how I had to cook. He has shown me how tasty food can prepare that’s good for you.”

Sport, too, the couple settled together. Trainor sees only advantages of. “He has shown me how much fun sports can be. I never believed it, but it’s really true and it feels so good when you have muscle pain. I am fond of it.”


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