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Litecoin founder advertises for NANO, Fans of LTC are mad

Marketing plays in the world of crypto-currencies an important role. To be able to, especially at the beginning, when the technology is not yet deployed and only theoretically, about the White Paper the ideas and concepts can be discussed, Marketing to trigger-the promise of a big Hype. Examples of how Electroneum or even TRON have shown in the past that the Marketing strategy can have a big impact on the price of a crypto currency.

Just as well, but there are also examples where the Marketing ends up a little unhappy. A probably unintentional example, was to observe this week, as Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, wrote about the NANO, and as a “very successful”.

He also pointed out that he himself owns a couple of NANO. He probably would have been able to guess that this may not go well. In the result, have complained many Litecoin owners and investors that he is applying a different Cryptocurrency, as Litecoin,.

In particular, the Litecoin supporters have to the 20. December 2017 reminded, as Lee sold his own Litecoin. At this time, the Litecoin price close to the all-time high.

In consequence of the sale, the price of Litecoin has plummeted significantly. Lee had justified his decision at the time, as following: whenever he tweets good or bad news about Litecoin, he is accused of, his great influence to his personal gain. This handles disappointed Litecoin investors:

In particular, allegations were made that he would take advantage of his influence, much like John McAfee. There are, however, in contrast to McAfee a substantial difference.

Charlie Lee has Knowledge, as he writes himself, no Insider when it comes to Nano (NANO). In addition, he has addressed in the follow-up to his first Tweet from our point of view is very essential aspect. In the case of all Profit-opportunities for crypto-currencies have a much “higher” purpose. Namely, the Revolution of the whole social system as we know it today.

Lee had, however, also popularity, and was defended by numerous users, as the following Tweets show:

All in all, so it wasn’t a Marketing disaster. However, the Litecoin price displayed momentarily after the Tweet, a downward trend. In contrast, the NANO-course could benefit apparently from the Tweet, and rose slightly.

It is evident can, the great influence of certain personalities and their Tweets on the highly volatile crypto-currency market and their investors.

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