Kim Jong-un replaces three military representatives

Three high-ranking military personnel are in North Korea to be pushed aside. That says a source in the American government.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would be the top three soldiers from his country have dismissed because they were not designed with the rapprochement with the United States.

On 12 June will be a historic summit meeting planned between the Us president, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

According to Yonhap became minister of Defence, Pak Yong-sik replaced by the current deputy minister No Kwang-chol. In addition, the chief of staff of the Korean people’s army, Ri Myong-su, and the chairman of the politburo of the people’s army, Kim Jong-gak, the lane is outputted.

The precise reason why the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un new trustees appoints, is not known. A source within the intelligence, says to the South Korean news agency Yonhap that the dismissed soldiers ‘flexibility in their thinking lacked’.

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