Kat von D gets married again with husband

Although they are in February already formally got married got, is Kat von D Saturday night married for family and friends. The wedding ceremony took place in Beverly Hills.

The tattoo-artist, known from the program LA Ink, wore a bright red dress at the wedding. Sunday she shared a photo of the ceremony. “I still feel the emotions of our wedding last night. Today we have the two of us again reviewed. Our marriage vows, the love of our friends and all the art we have created together,” says Cat, who is undertaking later more photos to share “and more about our feelings about the day, we are now overwhelmed by all the love.”

Cat and her husband, musician Leafar Seyer of Cholo Goth group Prayers, announced last month that they have a baby expect. Leafar, which is actually Rafael Reyes is hot but those names for his artiestenpseudoniem backwards spelled, let it know that their son the name of Leafar.

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