Kaat Bollen had no dreams of childbirth

Seksuologe Kaat Bollen says in The Interest Of Limburg that was quite different from that in her head. They got a time ago a pair of twins. “To begin with pregnancy. As someone said: enjoy it, then I got wurgneigingen. Enjoy? I was happy to see if I would survive. And then you still have that emergency c-section that I didn’t want to, breastfeeding that didn’t work. The were a number of disappointments on a row. I felt in the beginning failed as a mom. I have wept in those first weeks. Really whined. I had them all, not a natural childbirth, now I took them nursing also. I found that terrible. I got it a month tried, but that seemed like an eternity. By that afkolfmachine I felt really a dairy cow.”

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