House Jan Jaap van der Wal largely destroyed by fire

The home of comedian Jan Jaap van der Wal is a big fire has largely gone up in smoke. The 38-year-old Van der Wal, his wife Eva Duijvestein and their son Tove could unharmed from the property.

According to the Noordhollands Dagblad started the fire in the place Katwoude in the night from Sunday on Monday around 1.15 pm. A short two hours later, the signal brandmeester be given. According to the fire department is the fire to the rear of the house arise out of the fireplace.

The property has the bluswerkzaamheden a lot of water damage incurred. Or the house in the future is still habitable, there is, as yet, not known.

Van der Wal is, since september 2010, married to the 41-year-old Duiijvestein. In april 2017 was their son, Tove was born.

Fire make for great damage in house comedian Jan Jaap van der Wal in Katwoude


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05:34 – 04 June 2018


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