Home welcomes Nigerian prince

One series, ‘at Home’ there will be two weeks for the season finale is still a new face. Yemi Oduwale is since Friday as Dries Van Aken started working as an administrative assistant at the law office of Karin and Tom. That newcomer has in the real life blue blood.

The grandfather of Oduwale is a Nigerian tribal leader of a kingdom by 175,000 residents, which the actor is a prince. His grandfather wants him later on in his footsteps as the heir to the throne. That is against the meaning of Oduwale: “That I do not want to. My life is here.” He has a Belgian mother and a Nigerian father. “When I was 10, and together with my parents, my grandfather visited, he asked me in Nigeria to continue to be the language and use it to get to know better. My parents did not want to go there and I also not.”Years later, he turns back again and makes the documentary “Worthy of the crown“, which was broadcast in ‘Vranckx’. The belgian actor is so in 2014 in search of his African roots, and examines whether he as an outsider to the title and throne could really acquire. “I was just curious about the procedure,” says the actor. Before that, he had to meet a number of conditions: his life in Belgium to leave and be approved by the stamoversten and an oracle, then he his courage would have to prove in some strange taste. “I would be the head of a poisonous snake need to eat and spend a night in a bath with small, poisonous creatures. If I survive, I am the chosen one”, he fills in.

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