Film Dutch actress Carice van Houten and Guy Pearce may not

Director Brian de Palma in an interview with a French newspaper said that the work on his thriller Domino – in which Dutch actress Carice van Houten is seen next to her friend Guy Pearce – a ’terrible experience’ was. He doesn’t even know whether the movie is released.

It’s all smiles at Dutch actress Carice van Houten and her Australian Guy Pearce, but their film may not come out

According to Palma, there was not enough money to make the film. Some people of the crew would still not have been paid. And the producer would constantly lied to him. “I’m not even sure whether we film or release.”

About which producer he has exactly, he does not clear. The film is a co-production between six companies from Denmark, France, Spain and Belgium. In the us Domino will be released this year, in the Netherlands it was before april 2019 on the stack. The disputes during the withdrawals must be a disappointment for the filmmaker who of Hollywood, with all its example, – ’for the children!” – nothing more expected.


A serious film is there only to make if you’re Spielberg or even a studio, he says. “You have to constantly fight with the studios about the cost of the special effects.” But for now, for Netflix movies is going to make that known to be the filmmaker complete freedom to give? He wants it, but can’t. “Yes, I would consider it, but I have a large screen is needed. I’m a visual stylist.”

And that he will again want to prove with the plans for his new film: a horror film based on Harvey Weinstein.

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