FIFA boss: ‘very Rarely so relaxed for world cup as it is now’

FIFA president Gianni Infantino doubt a week and a half before the start of the world cup are no time to the success of the event.

Gianni Infantino

“Russia wants to be the best world CHAMPIONSHIPS ever organised. That purpose, Russia will achieve”, assured the 48-year-old Swiss. “I am very happy about what we can expect”, he continued Infantino. “Russia wants this world cup to prove that it is an open country where people can go, where people feast, celebrate, and football can enjoy. Russia has a lot to offer, such as history and culture. In the last twenty years, there is also no host country has been so much involvement shows. I’m rarely as relaxed as now, just before the beginning of the world cup.”

Important issues

According to Infantino will learn how to solve issues like human rights, doping, supportersgeweld and political boycotts no shadow on the world cup to go throw. “What the FIFA is concerned, we are concentrating on the football. The sport should be the focus. If the ball is rolling, the whole world is on football focus. We must not forget politics. The people will be happy if their team wins and sad if their country loses.”

The highest voetbalbaas find that the FIFA has everything done on dopinggebied for a careful state of affairs in Russia, that in the past by numerous scandals is affected. “All world cup players will be urine and blood tests to undergo. Russia remains completely outside of all doping controls, everything is carried out in collaboration with the global antidopingbureau WADA. By all that has happened in Russia, now we are extra attentive.”

Fury kick

Infantino counting also on a safe world cup. “Everyone pay attention very well, and the measures are sharp. I would advise no one to come to Russia for something to kick.”

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