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Fernand Huts buy atlas of the 17th century (and shows him)

The Atlas Maior of Joan Blaeu, who recently at a Brussels auction was afgehamerd at 600,000 euros, has been bought by the Phoebus Foundation. That is the art of Fernand Huts.

The atlas had an estimated price of 250,000 to 350,000 euros, but it went so smooth the top. The elfdelige work of the seventeenth century, is a Unesco world Heritage site, has more than 3,000 pages and containing 594 maps.

Huts set his gain right to exhibit in the event Foxes. He comes in the Mercatorhuis, where various historical atlases.

Most expensive book of the 17th century

The maker of the Atlas, Joan Blaeu, was one of the most famous cartographers and publishers that the world has known. He studied law in Leiden, but followed still the footsteps of his father, who was in Amsterdam a shop in globes and maps.

When Blaeu in 1662 the elfdelige Latin atlas published, it was the most impressive, most up-to-date map collection then on the market was. With its price of 450 guilders, which would correspond to a cool 4,000 euros today – it was also the most expensive book of the seventeenth century.

Blaeu made after 1662 in the Atlas maior translations in Dutch, French, German and Spanish. Of each edition were 250 to 600 pieces printed. The full sets are the property of libraries, universities and a few private collectors.

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