‘Dolly Parton gets a show on Netflix’

It is quite possible that the singer has a own show on the streaming service. That was last weekend after a persmiddag in Los Angeles

Dolly Parton talks with Netflix about her own show. That news, announced in Grace And Frankie-star Lily Tomlin this weekend during a persmiddag in Los Angeles.

The panel was set up to draw attention to Grace And Frankie with members of the Television Academy, who vote for the Emmy’s. Asked to who is on their wish list for a guest appearance in the comedy, brought Lily and opponent Jane Fonda their 9-To-5 companion-Dolly Parton. Lily explained to it that Dolly might be difficult to plan, because she works at her own Netflix-project.

Although Jane there, surprised responded, it seemed that Lily is not the impression that the project of Dolly still was a secret, writes Deadline. They would graze even on the show, which is comparable with Dolly’s earlier film Coat of Many Colors, that the story of her life told on the basis of a number of her songs. Lily thought it was funny that she accidentally news was revealed during the persmiddag. “I would here my journalistenbrevet for need to get,” laughed the actress.

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