Criticism on Demi Lovato after joke with bodyguard

A tweet about a joke that they uithaalde with her bodyguard Max, is Demi Lovato a lot of criticism.

The singer responded Sunday to questions from fans on Twitter. Someone wanted to know what the best joke was that she was ever with someone had taken out. Demi let then know: “I have ever seen a woman of light morals hired her to Max’s hotel room sent. She walked in without permission into his room and grabbed him in his crotch and he was startled out of an accident, hahahaha.”

Many followers reacted outraged and accused the singer of sexual harassment or sexual violence. “I can’t be at that you hires someone to be the worst to do what another can do, and then calls it a joke. Men can also be abused,” said one of them.

Demi responded in the first instance, with a laconic smile at the criticism. “I can do something about jelly beans to write and then there are people offended”, she wrote. Later, tied them up something. “For anyone who me now attacking, listen to the lyrics of Warrior and maybe you have a bit more understanding for someone who is, simply, the error is gone”, tweeted them about the song that she wrote about her own experiences. “I know what sexual abuse is, you need me not to explain.”

Later still, excuses: “I’m very sorry if anyone here offended by has taken.”

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