Comeback for fashion label of Weinsteins wife?

The fashion label of Weinsteins wife was heavily impacted during the scandals surrounding Harvey Weinstein. Georgina Chapman cancelde her show for New York Fashion Week in February. Now seems to them the time is ripe for the spotlight search, notes Business Insider.

While Weinstein has been indicted for rape, try the fashion label of his wife slowly to make a comeback

Her career with fashion label Marchesa was closely intertwined with the success of her husband, who as a film producer by Meryl Streep ever mocking ’God’ was called, so powerful was he. No wonder that Renee Zellweger, Cate Blanchett, Blake Lively and other actresses listened to him, when he is ’advised’ to be on the red carpet in a dress from the fashion brand of his wife to wear. But what would happen since Weinstein of his supreme position, had to down was taken?

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“No star will ever Marchesa want to wear it”, wrote a fashion blogger in New York at the time. Eight months later, there was Scarlett Johansson at the met Gala this year, dressed in a dress of Chapmans fashion label. This broke it the spell. Also the renowned fashion magazine Vogue was forgiving: editor-in-chief Anna Wintour for many years was friends with Harvey and Georgina and published this month in a sympathetic profile of the modevrouw. Wintour comlimenteerde Scarlett Johansson with her choice, and saw that as a great gesture of support’.

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’End the ban’

According to the CEO of the Council of Fashion Designers in America marked Scarletts appearance in the Marchesa dress, a beginning: the ban on the brand would be removed. Even some victims of Weinstein came meanwhile to the conclusion that it would be unreasonable to hold his wife responsible for his misconduct. All the more because they that behaviour has been deprecated and left him.

The tide seems to be turning for Georgina Chapman. But still not all Hollywoodstylisten are convinced. During the Cannes film festival wore no one Marchesa and also at major film premieres stuck to this day still no one in the clothing of the brand.

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