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Binance: New Investment Fund of one billion US occupy-Dollar

Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto Exchanges, is planning the Launch of an Investment Fund. This Fund is intended to attract traditional investors and institutional investors. So Binance makes the step from the crypto area and begins in the financial sector wider.

Historically, Binance is one of the youngest representatives of Exchanges for Cryptocurrencies. Only in June 2017, the crypto-trade was place at the Start and is some years later than the former place deer Poloniex, Bittrex, octopus & co. However, it has been registered in Hong Kong Exchange in wind hurry to secure a place in the sun. Currently Binance currencies, the crypto-stock exchange with the largest trading volume of Bitcoin, Ether, and other Crypto.

Entry into Venture Capital

To be number one in crypto trading, is not enough the responsible person, apparently, however. This is the only way to explain that the Exchange is spreading steadily to other fields of business, and now also in the traditional area of financing. With the Community Influence Fund Binance wants to expand its Venture Capital wing and for traditional investors and institutional investors. Overall, the volume of the Fund should amount to one billion US dollars. With the deposits of the Blockchain and crypto Start – ups and funded.

The deposits are fully described in the NBB, the EU’s own internal crypto currency. Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs, on Twitter, the more accurate composition of the funds of the Fund. So you want to work with the Fund and investors, US $ 100 million in Assets to manage. The aim should be to manage small funds with experienced investors.

Binance builds so after the Launch of its own crypto-currency, a second pillar of funding. The step of Exchange in the more traditional Venture Capital area not only with yourself to grow. If the Community Influence Fund starts successfully, it could also have a positive impact on the entire integration of traditional Finance and crypto-Economics.

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