Baker not punished for refusing wedding cake for homokoppel

A homosexual couple in a bakery, no wedding cake should buy, by the U.s. supreme court to be in the wrong. The baker said that it was in conflict with his religious beliefs.

The case began in 2012, when David Mullins and Charlie Craig to baker Jack Phillips stepped to the traditional dessert for their wedding party to order. But the conservative baker from Colorado, saw this do not sit, and said that he, as a ‘creative artist’ had the right to provide customers a creation to reject it. As an alternative, he offered them standard products from its range of products, such as biscuits.

The decision of the supreme court would, however, not a license to gay couples were treated differently than heterosexual betrothed. In this specific case, would the human rights commission of Colorado to be little respect shown for the religious beliefs of the bakery, to the extent that his case is not neutral is treated.

The decision of the supreme court was not unanimous. So be judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggests that the sexual orientation of the couple is the only reason for the sale, to refuse. ‘Phillips wanted to a same-sex couple, a service deny that he is a heterokoppel or supplies’.

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