Anyone Famous leave America

Who to Anyone Famous saw last year how a reporter Wouter Deboot with the bike, 6800 miles, gathering in America. This week, he is on the last trip. “Certainly in the beginning it was nice and quiet bikes because I the major roads could avoid ( Wouter went in Yorktown, Virginia in the east, ed.). From Kansas disappear that smaller roads, but there is so little traffic that the cars and trucks from far away to hear. Take Wyoming: that state is eight times as big as Belgium, for a half a million inhabitants,” he says in het Nieuwsblad. One advantage America: the stories are there for the taking. Especially if you are by bike in a city or a village into. “Every time I saw people thinking: who is that? Surely with cameras on the bike. Then they get to do with a Belgian who speaks their language. The nice thing is: everyone says goeiendag. And they ask áltijd how you are doing. You can knot them in a conversation, then you always have a price. Every American tells his story, take it or leave it.”

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