Ajax: ‘Club, according to advisers are not liable’

Ajax has Monday following the news that the family of Abdelhak Nouri to the arbitration committee of the KNVB stepped an official statement sent out.

Abdelhak Nouri was on July 8, 2017 during a practice game in Austria affected by heart failure and ran it severe and permanent brain damage.

“Ajax has Monday morning through the media, to understand that the issue around Abdelhak Nouri is submitted to the arbitration committee of the KNVB. The point here is any liability.”

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“After all the information made available by Ajax is submitted to external legal and medical advisers, these a few months ago came to the conclusion that on the basis of that information is no reason not to liability of the club to take. Since then, no further information will be made available. The advisers of the family Nouri rate it otherwise and so, it will be submitted to the arbitration committee, an independent institute of the KNVB.”

“Ajax the importance to stress of course, full responsibility to take, in case it should be that the club is liable.”

The club stresses that it is with Nouri and his family members participates. “All employees of Ajax life very aware of the terrible situation in which Abdelhak and his family since then. Ajax has regular contact with the family of Nouri, with the aim to, inter alia, the right way to be able to give to the housing and associated care Abdelhak need. About the proposals over and over again are done, the family and the club does not agree.”

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