VI-men ‘critical’home cooked apple pie: “Then there is tension at the table”

The lords of Football Inside come along to the talk show, home cooked apple pie. That has KRO-NCRV let you know. Their visit can be exciting, because the gentlemen were in their own show recently very critical of talkshowhost Eve home cooked apple pie.

René van der Jibe, Wilfred Genee and Johan Derksen

According to René van der Jibe is the show of Eva home cooked apple pie just a copy. “There has never been about that home cooked apple pie said that she is in a really insane way that The World Runs By copied. Insane.” That is, according to him, in the build-up. “It starts with the news of the day, there is someone from the news of the day. Then you get back from those YouTube videos – they see the viewer as a complete idiot – where someone under a truck by riding a bike. It is plastered.”

Johan Derksen is more positive. He appreciates that home cooked apple pie ’is also a critical interview can enter where they ask questions’. “Then there is also tension at the table.” How critical home cooked apple pie against the lord, and how much tension it creates, next week will be clear. From Monday evening is a home cooked apple pie every day at 23: 00 to see at NPO 1.

Other guests that week include dj duo Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano, who even yesterday were detained on suspicion of drug possession.

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