‘Trump could probably grace grant, but will not do that’

American president Donald Trump, who is under pressure by the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller, himself in that research, probably a presidential pardon to be granted. ‘But he is not going, ” says his attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Robert Mueller is leading the investigation into possible Russian interference during the U.s. presidential election of 2016. Had Donald Trump it is ever in sight, then the president himself probably grace grant. That has Rudy Giuliani said the former mayor of New York city, that Trump since april legal advice. But Trump is that, according to Giuliani ‘not going’.

In an interview with ABC clarified Giuliani that the U.s. constitution does not explicitly say that a president himself, no presidential pardon can be granted. ‘It’s a very interesting question”, according to Giuliani. ‘One that, gosh, only by the constitution can be answered.’

Should Trump the ever do, then the consequences will be far-reaching, realize Giuliani. “Someone else grace grant, is one thing. Yourself, that is something completely different.’ In an interview with NBC asked Giuliani the sharper: “It’s not going to happen. The president of the United States who self-forgive is unthinkable… It would probably lead to his immediate dismissal.’


In Muellers study were all employees of Trumps campaign team sued. The special prosecutor also wants to investigate whether Trump the Ruslandonderzoek has to try thwart. Both Trump the U.S. to deny that Russia is trying to interfere in the elections, and Trump has to say that the research nor try to thwart.

According to Giuliani is an ‘open question’ or Trump a conversation with Mueller, but state Trumps the legal team there is negative opposite. Giuliani also said that every possible subpoena of Mueller would be contested as ‘unnecessary harassment’, because the White House millions of documents and several witnesses gave.

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