This is the reason that Jeffrey Wammes nude is dating

The allegedly ten thousand euros that Jeffrey Wammes for participation in the program, Adam seeks Eve, is not the reason that he decided to do the naked dating.

Jeffrey Wammes

He tells Saturday evening on RTL. “It’s not that I really do. I’m not going to call what I do, but that is really not my motive.” What that really is? “It is a fun adventure or so, I think,” was his conclusion after he and his friends and family had talked about it.

The money that he gets, he sees more as indemnity. And it feels for him it is fine that he is with the program, a time commitment. “I want to get back to work in the Netherlands and doing fun things, so it comes at a good time. I am free, I have nothing above me, no boss and no relationship. It feels very liberating to have my own choice to make.”

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