Still two nights to the new Henry Green

Live and let live is the novel by Henry Green that Tuesday in Bantam appears. Henry Green, pseudonym of Peter de Smet, was a real sensation with his diary of Attempts to make something of life (2014) and as Long as there is life (2016), supposedly written by the resident of a berlin care home.

Peter de Smet, better known as the writer Henry Green

There were of both books together is 500,000 copies over the counter in the Netherlands and Flanders only, and there were translation rights sold to 35 countries. In the US is now after the bound version is just a paperback has been released.

A tv show of omroep Max Green, with Kees Hulst in the widely acclaimed starring role, drew the last autumn thick two million viewers at a time and play with other young actors, toured throughout the country. Lovers find each other in the Henry Property on Facebook, which almost 16.000 followers. There are those who really look forward to the publication next week (“I go to the store”), others find it a pity that there is a completely different story and would have preferred new experiences in the ouderencentrum had.

Arthur Ophof

The new book is not about Green, but about Arthur Ophof, whose life a bit brighter. He has a boring job and a ditto, childless marriage. The cover announces that sadness to do with cake and coffee all at a funeral and think that while Ophof fifty. But the wage slave gets discharge from that stale job, and drag a nice severance pay. The back shows a Fiat500 by Tuscany seems to drive, so it is suspected that Ophof attempts to make something of life.

The first pressure consists of 50,000 copies, which is substantial for a novel, and the bookstores have long been ordered. Linen bags with I (heart) Henry Green are available for the new book to take home.

Peter de Smet

The Volkskrant and the NRC Handelsblad reported in 2016 that behind Henry Green, Peter de Smet, lay, sixties from Amsterdam, the librarian had been and make no sense to BN’to be. The NS public prize 2016, which he won with Attempts something of the life, he therefore, on tv reception by his fans Stien and Serve.

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