Spitzenberger and Nierop in English series

The Dutch actors Jeroen Spitzenberger and Tobias Nierop his this weekend to see in CBS hit series Ransom. They play a guest appearance in an episode about the kidnapping of the daughter of a Dutch businessman and a powerful politician.

Jeroen Spitzenberger

The series, Ransom of producer Frank Spotnitz (X-Files, The man in the High Castle) tells about the work of the successful gijzelingsonderhandelaar Eric Beaumont. The stories are partly based on the lives of two real negotiators, Laurent Combalbert and Marwan Mery.

Ransom is in more than one hundred countries. CBS sent the episode in which the two Dutchmen were given Saturday night off. It is not known when the episode in the Netherlands will be shown.

Spitzenberger is in the Netherlands mostly known from his roles in hit movies like Love is All and The Twins. He is currently in theatre with the piece of Terror. Tobias Nierop was more to see in the movie Chez Nous and the series of Project Orpheus.

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